Coolest Nikon Waterproof Camera 2013

A picture portrays more than words can express. It is therefore important to ensure that the photos taken depict the actual meaning of what the viewer should see and understand. Taking high quality pictures in dry and open areas has not been that much challenging more so with various technological inventions. The same however cannot be said of the photos captured in aquatic locations.

Capturing the best moments under the water can be a challenging task even to those with undoubted skills in photography. This challenge can be solved by checking out more details on Nikon waterproof camera and acquiring it. Photos can last for a lifetime and this camera is the sure way of keeping the moments fresh and vivid.

Freeze proof

Planning to take an adventure under extreme cold weather conditions should not be a barrier to having the best shots. In order to achieve this; a person will require Nikon waterproof camera that is freeze proof. This allows the user to capture moments in cold locations without the fear of camera failure. An adventure is only interesting if there is proof that brings back memories in a clear and captivating way. This camera has inbuilt additional features making it an ideal asset for adventure.

Additional qualities

Taking snapshots under water can be marred with various difficulties among them low light intensity. Capturing fast moving or action pictures may not be easy as well. Without a camera with specific features and configurations a person can easily end up not capturing all the thrilling moments. Nikon waterproof camera has a powerful ED glass lens that allows the user to zoom the scene or object to be photographed to the correct distance. Poor light intensity does not have to be an issue with the presence of a CMOS sensor which records low light intensity. This is strategically packed inside this camera which again enables the capturing of fast moving and action photos.COOLPIX AW100 is waterproof 2


Getting direction bearings right is very important more so when venturing into a new location. With Nikon waterproof camera there is no need to carry a compass for your adventure. It is fitted with a fully operational GPS tracker and electronic compass. Add this feature to a wide monitor that works together with an Action control feature which allows for easy adjustment of settings even when wearing gloves. This is one of the few cameras that have got all these features packed in a single gadget.


Whether it is a surfing adventure, taking a dive several feet under water or exploring the depths of dark caves; all you need is the right camera. This is what will enable you capture and document all the memorable scenes, objects and locations that are worth the adventure. With the ideal camera fitted with special features there is no reason why adventurers should not keep the memories they cherish alive.


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